Inspired Life Tapping

Your path to AN Empowered LIFE starts with

Inspired Life Tapping

Your Path to AN Empowered LIFE starts with

Inspired Life Tapping

About Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping or EFT?

EFT is a transformative approach to creating the life you desire that invites you on a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.

Using the gentle art of tapping on specific meridian points, EFT provides a pathway to release pent-up emotions and foster a sense of balance.

By using this technique, you’ll be able to move through limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that hold you back from the life you desire.

Stop Waiting and Start Loving

A world of love, adoration, and soul-stirring connections is waiting. You are not alone on this journey.

Every word, every page, is Allison walking this path with you, illuminating the way to a love that’s not just imaginable but attainable.

So, darling, are you ready? Love is not a world away…

It’s a click away.

Grab your free copy of “Find Love Again: Learn to Date Like a Goddess” today!

About Allison

Meet Allison Jayne, your new best friend in the world of post-divorce dating.

She’s not just a psychotherapist but a woman who’s walked a mile in those ‘single again’ shoes.

Allison combines the wisdom from her own journey of love, loss, and re-emergence with counseling, coaching, and EFT tapping.

She’s not here to hand you textbook advice but to sit with you, coffee in hand, sharing the kind of wisdom and strategies that transform not just your love life, but your self-love life too.

In the cozy, empowering space Allison creates, you’ll discover your divine, love-worthy self.

With every word and touch, love isn’t just a possibility; it’s your next chapter waiting to be written.

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Let Your Goddess Do the Dating

In my program, Learn to Date Like a Goddess by Inspired Life Tapping...

I take you through an 8-week journey, tailor-made for mid-life women like us. 

It’s packed with live coaching sessions to give you real, tangible advice and techniques. 

We dive deep with journaling, allowing self-reflection to guide our steps forward. 

We embrace affirmations to bolster our self-esteem and remind us of the strong, empowered women we are.

No fluff, no unrealistic promises – just real support, actionable tools, plus a community of women who are walking this path side by side, each of us rediscovering the powerful, love-worthy soul within. 

In just 8 weeks, transform into a love magnet with a program that combines live coaching, affirmations, and tapping exercises, all designed to renew your mindset and attract the right love. 

Overcome past fears and dating exhaustion, embrace confidence, and step into a world where you’re adored and empowered to attract the right partner.

Book A Tapping Session

Whether you’re seeking relief from anxiety, looking to enhance your mood, or simply desiring a deeper connection with your inner self, an EFT session holds the potential for transformative change.

Book your session now and embrace the powerful journey toward a more connected and resilient self.

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